Market Research – First Ideas

For our Radio Show we need to conduct some market research to make sure that our show plans fit around our Target Audience, before we start conducting our research we already have a plan to our show that we think will work well. To find out if our idea for the show is going to work we are going to use the follows methods of primary and secondary research to find out,

– Face to Face survey

– Online survey

– Surveys already done online from other companies

– further research into contemporary radio stations online

We want to get as many face to face surveys as we can around the local area as this is data is a lot more reliable than doing online surveys but we know that we can get a much larger density of responses from using a online survey, we plan to combine the results of these surveys when it comes to our final conclusion.

During our time that we are conducting our primary research we are going to listen to some other shows that have the same basic idea of ours, we are planning to look at heart FM and Touch FM, these radio stations are quite like ours in there show concept, they sort of mix between contemporary music and slightly older music.


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